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Exhibitor Information
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2018 Exhibitor Information



Got WINTERGREEN? WINTERGREEN has been Georgia's number one top trade show since the flower children were children. So, when you're deciding where to invest your hard-earned bucks and deciding on what show to exhibit in - choose WINTERGREEN!


Exhibiting at the WINTERGREEN Trade Show provides you with so much more than just a booth space, including:


Marshalling Yard access during move-in and move-out ( FREE large truck parking during the duration of the show. We have a AWESOME crew to make your exhibit experience pleasant and worry free.)

  Company listing and website link on the GGIA website
  Company listing on the online Interactive floor plan
  Company listing on our Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn)
  Four (4) complimentary trade show passes for each booth you purchase.
  Material handling: Unloading and delivery of exhibit materials to your assigned booth.
  Forklifts & Carts are available. The Forklifts are provided by GGIA and there is no extra charge for the use of forklifts when moving in your booth materials.
  Delivery of exhibit materials to dock at close of show
  Loading of exhibit materials on your truck at close of show
  8-foot-high back drapery and 3-foot-high side dividers
  Two Chairs, One Table & Company Identification Sign for your booth
  FREE Lunch pass for Thursday & Friday (per booth)
  Access to the Kick-Off Reception & Keynote Speaker
  Access to WINTERGREEN attendee list (available after the show)
  Marketing and promotional tools to help your company promote their participation in WINTERGREEN


Call Jennifer today to discuss exhibiting at WINTERGREEN! (706) 632-0100.

Click the link below (at the bottom of this page) to download the contracts now!


WINTERGREEN 2018 Exhibitor Rules and Regulations



Exhibitors are expected to arrive during assigned time. Booths not installed by 5 PM on Wednesday, January 24, 2018, will be resold unless GGIA receives notification from exhibitor regarding arrival time. During move-in, a crew and equipment will be available at no charge to exhibitors from 7:30 AM - 4 PM on Wednesday, January 24. Any material requiring carts, dollies, or hand trucks must enter through the freight entrance. Exhibitors with material that can be hand carried into the exhibit area may bring it with them through the main entrance. The direction and decision of the Trade Show Chairman with reference to move-in and move-out will be final and all exhibitors are expected to comply with these directions.



The booth reservation form, the notice of booth confirmation and the full payment of rental charges together constitute a contract between GGIA and the exhibitor for the right to use the assigned booth space and to comply with these Rules and Regulations.



GGIA reserves the right to cancel an exhibit space for the following reasons: Non-payment of deposit. Non-payment of balance due upon receipt. Misrepresentation of products to be displayed. Subleasing of booth space. Exhibit not related to the horticulture industry. Exhibitor refusing to comply with "Exhibit Restrictions”.



Refund Policy: Any monies paid for exhibit space prior to October 31, 2017 are refundable less a 10% handling fee. Cancellation notice must be received in writing. NO REFUNDS AFTER OCTOBER 31, 2017.



Exhibitor may not assign, sublet or apportion the whole or any part of the booth space assigned to him or her nor permit any other party to exhibit therein. Exhibitor may not distribute any promotional or advertising materials in the occupied space, other than those on products or services manufactured, grown or sold by them in the regular course of business. An exhibitor’s badge will only be issued in the company name that appears on the GGIA exhibitor’s contract.



Plant material and/or products in excess of 3' high must be confined to the rear 4' of each booth. The GGIA Executive Committee will be charged with the enforcement of this rule, and any violations will be immediately corrected or possible loss of booth space may result.



GGIA management retains the right to restrict exhibits to products and services of interest to and related to the nursery and horticulture trade. GGIA reserves the right to restrict exhibits which, because of noise, method of operation, or for any other reason become objectionable, and to prohibit or evict any exhibit which, in the opinion of GGIA, may detract from the general character of the show. This reservation includes persons, things, conduct, printed matter, or anything of a character which the management determines objectionable. In the event of such restriction or eviction, GGIA is not liable for any refunds on rentals or other exhibit expenses.



All exhibits shall have some relationship to the nursery-landscape-garden center industry; be arranged so that aisles are clear and unobstructed for pedestrian traffic at all times.



Under NO circumstances shall lessee place exhibits outside the Infinite Energy Center or in parking area.



All demonstrations and other sales activities must be confined to the limits of the booth of each respective exhibitor. Distribution of brochures, circulars, or other printed matter, and displaying of signs, posters, banners, etc., must be limited to the confines of the booth of each respective exhibitor and distributed and/or displayed in such a manner that will not interfere with other exhibits.



Solicitation in exhibit hall by persons other than exhibitors and authorized representatives is prohibited. Persons conducting unauthorized solicitations are subject to expulsion from the exhibit hall. There will be no exceptions.



The sale of material used as display items in the exhibit booth is permitted at WinterGreen 2018. However, the purchasers will not be permitted to remove the items from the exhibit hall until 3:00 PM on the final day of the show. NO DIRECT OR RETAIL SALES OF MERCHANDISE FROM THE BOOTH. EQUIPMENT WITH OIL OR GASOLINE ENGINES The operation of oil or gasoline engines is prohibited, and all engines must be free of all such fuels while on display in the exhibit hall.



All electrical installations and utility connections are to be made by the Infinite Energy Center which serves as its own electrical and utilities contractor. Their standard rate sheet/order will be in the Decorators Kit sent to you. All Infinite Energy Center electrical equipment: i.e. extension cords, lights, etc., are not to be removed by exhibitors. Should you require electrical service of any type complete and return the electrical order form to the Infinite Energy Center. Please note that orders for electrical service which are received less than 14 days prior to WinterGreen will be subject to surcharges. If you plan to use any electrical services, please make certain you place your order as soon as possible.



Federal, state and city fire laws must be strictly enforced. All decorator booth decorations will be flameproof, as should any exhibitor’s own booth decorations. Electrical wiring used by exhibitors must conform to National Electrical Code Safety Rules and the local fire department regulations.



Exhibitors should consult their insurance companies for proper coverage on exhibit material and displays. In many cases a rider can be added to your present policy at a nominal cost.



No animals or pets are permitted in the building except as an approved exhibit, activity, or performance legitimately requiring the use of animals. Seeing-eye dogs are exempt.



Removal of exhibits must be made between 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM on Friday, January 26, 2018. All display units that have not been dismantled by this time will be dismantled by the decorator at the exhibitor’s expense. FOR YOUR PROTECTION, NO MATERIALS ARE TO LEAVE THE EXHIBIT HALL AT ANY TIME DURING THE SHOW OR PRIOR TO 3:00 PM ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 26.



GGIA will provide adequate security service for the exhibit hall during the hours of the show as well as when the show is closed. As further protection, GGIA management encourages exhibitors to have at least one employee in the booth during the hours of move-in and particularly during the hours of move-out so that each exhibitor will assist in the security of his individual materials. GGIA management also requires that the exhibit booths be staffed at all times during regular show hours by qualified regular employees of the exhibitor. However, in all cases, the ultimate responsibility of security lies with the exhibitor at all times and GGIA will not be held liable for the loss or theft of any or all items from an exhibit booth.



Each exhibitor, for himself and his employees, agrees to abide by the Rules and Regulations given herein and by subsequent amendments and additions considered by GGIA management to be in the best interest of all exhibitors. Upon non-compliance with the Rule formulated, GGIA management reserves to right to prohibit, reject, or eject any exhibitor, exhibitor representative, or exhibit, in whole or part, with or without giving cause. If cause is not given, liability shall not exceed the return to the exhibiting company of rental unearned at time of ejection. If an exhibitor is ejected for violation of these Rules, or any other reason with cause, no return of rental fee shall be made.



The exhibit hall is not liable to exhibitor for any damage to or for loss or destruction of any exhibit or the property of exhibitor by fire or other casualty covered by an extended coverage endorsement to a fire insurance policy.



It is expressly understood and agreed that by purchasing exhibit space at GGIA’s WinterGreen trade shows, exhibitor agrees that he will make no claim of any kind against GGIA or any of its members or employees for any loss, damage, or destruction of goods, no for any injury that may occur to himself or his employees while in the exhibit area, nor for damage of any nature or character whatsoever.



All points not covered herein are subject to settlement by the Georgia Green Industry Association, Inc., and the Association reserves the right to make such changes, amendments and additions to these rules, and such further regulations as they shall consider necessary without written notice.  

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