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The Return of Wintergreen On the Road

was a Big Hit in Savannah

GGIA board member, and Wintergreen on The Road sponsor,
Ray Murphy thanks participants for attending!

Last month, the Georgia Green Industry Association was thrilled to host the relaunch of Wintergreen On the Road, a freshly reimagined iteration of the longstanding Winterschool on the Road program from years past.  As in years past, this year's program was a partnership between GGIA and the University of Georgia Extension.  

GGIA's Wintergreen On the Road, held in Savannah, offered an exceptional educational opportunity for green industry growers and landscape professionals. Held on Friday, January 19, 2024, the one-day training provided four hours of valuable pesticide credits in both Georgia and South Carolina. 

The agenda featured four phenomenal speakers who shared their expertise in various aspects of pest and disease management within the green industry. Dr. JC Chong, the technical development manager at SePRO Corporation, kicked off the event with a session on the management of scale insects. Dr. Chong elaborated on the identification, biology, and management strategies for common scale insect species, emphasizing the importance of biological control and effective planting and maintenance practices.

Following Dr. Chong's session, Dr. Jean Williams-Woodward, an extension plant pathologist from the University of Georgia, provided an update on plant diseases affecting ornamental crops. She discussed tactics for pathogen identification and management, offering valuable insights for attendees.

Later in the day, Dr. Ping Yu, an assistant professor and extension specialist at the University of Georgia, delved into smart irrigation practices to reduce plant diseases in container crops. Her session focused on the implementation of efficient irrigation techniques to mitigate the risk of disease outbreaks.

The event concluded with a session led by Daryl Johnson, the national sales manager of Bioline AgroSciences, who discussed common pests and biological control management strategies for ornamental crops. Drawing from his extensive experience in the horticulture industry, Johnson highlighted effective biological controls for managing pests, contributing to the attendees' knowledge base and skillset within the green industry.

In its recent revival, Wintergreen On the Road paid homage to the cherished traditions of the Winterschool on the Road program while injecting a fresh perspective into the green industry landscape. As we look back on the event's accomplishments, we are reminded of the enduring spirit of collaboration and learning that defines our community. Wintergreen On the Road served as a reminder of the importance of coming together, sharing knowledge, and fostering connections that will continue to propel our industry forward in the years to come.



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